My insurance policy is through my place of employment. While they don’t drug test, they do take blood samples for insurance purposes. If CBD shows up in my blood, will I lose my insurance? I know that some places put financial penalties on smokers and excessive drinkers. It’s just that I don’t know if my CBD wellness use will be counted against me.


Blood testing does not distinguish between smoked, vaped or edible cannabis. In relation to CBD, it picks up the material as a side agent. Testing for any specific narcotic doesn’t target chemical strands, but rather known agents. That’s why most Marijuana drug tests don’t pick up CBD directly. But, the possibility of inclusion is there.


Given the rising acceptance of CBD, it’s not a guarantee that using Cannabidiols will make you lose your health insurance. As of right now, only five states have laws governing CBD impairment. While that’s not the same as having a national standard, it makes clear that issues regarding health and any possible abuse are being observed.


CBD isn’t toxic, but some of the possible side-effects of usage are increased relaxation. While that works fine in high-stress jobs, certain heavy equipment based jobs might not want that. What does that mean for the future?

Well, the possibility exists that construction and engineering jobs might use CBD as a reason to deny insurance coverage. But, jobs without any significant moral or physical risk will probably not make an issue. The future of this issue is wide open, but CBD users are advancing every day.  


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