The 2014 U.S. Farm Bill allows states that have passed their own industrial hemp legislation to grow industrial hemp for purposes of research and development. Section 7606 removes all federal restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp and its classification as a Schedule I controlled substance. In the State of Kentucky, hemp was also legalized for commercial production, and individual farmers are permitted to cultivate the crop in conjunction with the State Department of Agriculture. The world’s oldest domesticated crop will once again be available to serve mankind in a broad range of environmentally friendly ways, and American farmers are finally reacquainting themselves with industrial hemp.
Ananda Hemp has a deep respect for the farming community. Integrated into every part of the cultivation process, our team stands in the field side by side with our 8th-generation farmers. Ananda’s future is in the present because hemp will keep another eight generations of farmers working the land and producing more goods. Hemp production is an art-form, and together, we are mastering the art and bringing domestic production back to the USA.
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