What is the Best Way to Start with CBD?

When a consumer decides to begin taking CBD, they turn to the Internet first. Whether it be Reddit or another community, these newbies are looking for answers. If they can’t get answers, then they want testimonials and experiences.

Be mindful of dosing

Due to lack of toxicity in CBD, the average consumer has room to measure out their dosage. Some consumers might find a 30 mg sample pack to be underwhelming. Then, they can turn around and be floored by the 900 mg gel capsules. As with most new dietary and supplement changes, consult with a doctor before getting too aggressive.

Know your limits

As is the case with most supplements, you should know your limits. If a similar supplement made you nauseous in the past, then get help finding out why that happened. Some people have a slight aversion to the taste of tinctures. That’s fine, as there is no overall flavor aesthetic that will appeal to everyone. If you’re healthy and in the clear, feel out what works for you.

Ask questions

Most importantly, remember to ask questions. Between the amount of copious disinformation and people not sharing their experiences, tons more are out in the information cold. Find dedicated communities on sites like Reddit or platforms such as Instagram. The best thing a novice CBD user can remember is that they aren’t alone.

So, what is the best way to start with CBD? It’s simple, be informed and unafraid. Whenever a consumer takes an active involvement in their wellness, everyone benefits.


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