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What does it mean to be Full Spectrum? Ananda Hemp has the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank. The hemp cultivated from these seeds boasts an unmatched genetic profile. When a CBD product can use the full plant, you’re not missing out on any CBDs or terpenes. Many competitors want to deliver a product sorted by component. But, they don’t understand the power of bringing a full spectrum of hemp wealth.

Nature Serves as the Architect

Nature serves as the Architect of the Full Spectrum product. Competitor products run into trouble when they dabble into CBD isolates. When key components of CBD oil are diminished or amplified, it comes at the cost of other CBD elements. While CBNs and CBGs aren’t everyone’s desired extracts, they influence the overall potency of the CBD oil. After all, there are at least 113 Cannabinoids produced by the Hemp plant. That’s a lot of material going to waste by just isolating one aspect.

The power of the Entourage Effect

A study conducted at the Hadassah Medical School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found the positives of the Entourage Effect. While the Entourage Effect has been discussed in a prior blog, let’s share in its positives. When full spectrum CBD Oil is procured, it offers more than just CBD. CBD Isolates have a lower effectiveness rate at higher dosages. Even when full spectrum CBD has to be increased, it maintains a stronger potency than CBD by itself.

CBDs work better in a full spectrum

Ananda Hemp doesn’t believe in the current Pharmaceutical industry model. As such, Ananda Hemp doesn’t accept that CBD by itself is the optimal way to consume Cannabinoids. Wellness isn’t created by treating one symptom at a time. Therefore, why should any potential attempt at a better life be treated on a singular level? Any use of proper CBD oil will involve a full entourage of options to target wellness areas.