The Ananda Difference

Pioneering the Hemp Industry in the United States

How is Ananda Hemp Different?


Ananda Hemp is changing global legislation to allow hemp products to be sold. Brian Furnish, an 8th generation farmer, is Ananda Hemp’s head of Global Farming and Production. He worked with various Congressmen and Senator Mitch McConnell to pass the 2014 Farm Bill which included Section 7606—allowing hemp to be grown. Brian has been instrumental in changing legislation for the hemp industry. Without his efforts, no one would be able to grow hemp in the United States.

In 2017 Brian has been working with Congressman James Comer of Kentucky to completely remove hemp from the DEA’s controlled substance list. Although hemp products are legal in all 50 states, having hemp itemized as a controlled substance by the DEA has created confusion.


We take a homegrown approach to farming with our clean, all natural growing process. 100% of our product is grown and processed in the State of Kentucky. We don’t use any pesticides, and our products do not contain GMOs. Our farmers cultivate a robust, sustainable crop that is grown outdoors in Kentucky soil.

Brian Furnish is the first farmer to be granted a license to grow hemp in the United States since the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill. In partnership with Ananda Hemp and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Brian is pioneering the hemp industry in the United States.


We were the first company to import hemp seeds legally into the U.S. after the 2014 Farm Bill was passed. Originally based out of Australia, our geneticists, scientists and farmers have been working on isolating the best hemp strains in the world for nearly 20 years. Ananda Hemp brought the knowledge and superior strains of hemp to the U.S. No other company has our superior strains of hemp or genetics.


Ananda Hemp and its partners have donated more money to hemp-related research than any other organization in the world. Having already donated tens of millions to universities around the world, we are dedicated to continually investing in research.

The Ananda Hemp Difference

Ananda Hemp is different than all other hemp companies. We don’t make false claims. We are not certified organic by the USDA and because of that, we don’t use organic wording in our statements. Our products are clean, all natural and non-GMO. We NEVER use pesticides or chemicals on our hemp fields and farms.

Proprietary genetics born in beautiful Australia

Ananda Hemp’s parent company, Ecofibre Ltd., is an Australian genetic development company with an 18-year operating history. Ecofibre Ltd. owns the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank consisting of over 300+ cultivars and ascensions gathered from nearly every continent on the planet. Several of these cultivars have been subject to sophisticated breeding and certification processes and are certified by OECD under the UN Singles Convention, enabling compliant transfer as agricultural commodities.