Sunrise Australia Covers Barry Lambert’s Inspiring Hemp Testimonial.

Ananda Hemp investor and advocate, Barry Lambert puts Ananda in the spotlight yet again, with an exclusive interview with Sunrise AU. In the interview, the hosts point out that Mr. Lambert has made substantial donations to Sydney University for cannabis research. To which Mr. Lambert responds, acknowledging that such research takes time, up to 10 years. But while those studies are underway he has launched The Greenlight Campaign. The goal of the campaign, which includes a petition, is to push Australian Government into taking immediate action in giving patients access to medicinal cannabis.

Sunrise AU hosts, show footage of Mr. Lambert’s granddaughter, discussing how she had as many as 1400 seizures a day prior to using hemp oil. Since adding hemp oil, the interview mentions an 89% reduction in her hospital visits and an occasional seizure in comparison. Mr. Lambert accredits this change to hemp oil and has, therefore, become an advocate of it.

As the hosts are discussing hemp oil with Mr. Lambert, he explains that it’s not for everyone or every condition and that there is significant confusion about the differences between medical marijuana and medicinal cannabis. But for some illnesses, medicinal cannabis may work better than a pharmaceutical.

In this exciting interview, the hosts display passion and enthusiasm for Mr. Lambert’s cause, proclaiming that he is not alone in his frustrations and medicinal cannabis has been in other recent headlines as well. It’s exhilarating to see their genuine want for this product to be available to those who might benefit from it.

Mr. Lambert explains the purpose of the Greenlight Campaign is to make medicinal cannabis available to those who can benefit from it, without it being an illegal act. He compares it to eating fruits and vegetables because they’re good for you. Mr. Lambert holds up a bottle of Ananda Hemp’s Full Spectrum Tincture, demonstrating the liquid while discussing how simple it is to take something good for you, and that doing so shouldn’t be illegal.


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