Rigorously tested for your peace of mind

Pesticide, solvent and contaminant free

Tested every step of the way

We test our hemp extracts at every step of the process to ensure quality and consistency. By the time product reaches the shelf it has been tested at least 3 times for potency, contaminant, and quality. We use only notable, certified cannabis and food testing labs to verify the consistency of our product.

Full traceability back to the original seed

We operate one of the most sophisticated global batch specific tracking platforms. We can track each product specific batch number back to the exact lot of crude oil extraction, know what day it was extracted on, which farm in Kentucky it was grown on, and where in Australia the seed was propagated. This cutting edge, multi-continental platform is an industry first.

No pesticides or harmful chemicals

Hemp is a rigorous crop that can easily be grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals. Growing our crops outdoors in the natural sunlight ensures we do not face some of the challenges of pest infection that often plague indoor cannabis operations. We have never sprayed pesticides on our crops and never will.