Our Stories

Meet the amazing team that makes Ananda possible

Barry Lambert | Benefactor

I’m an investor in Ananda Hemp’s parent company for a very selfish reason. Growing up on a dairy farm in the Australian Bush, I never imagined that I would grow up to be a crime fighter. I also never imagined that I would have to be.

Eric Wang | CEO

I didn’t grow up in this industry. My education and prior work experience have kept me far from it, but after close family friends, Barry and Joy Lambert, told me how cannabis saved their granddaughter’s life, it got my attention.

Neal WolffExecutive VP, Practitioner Sales and Marketing

I’ve been fortunate to have spent most of my career supporting the launches of blockbuster healthcare products that help improve the quality of life for people battling serious diseases.

Helping people isn’t only my job; it’s something I personally live by. I’ve witnessed friends and family deal with cancer, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. As a result my family and I have been raising money to support research to help end the suffering from these diseases.

Alex Capano | Medical Director

When I’m not defending my dissertation, I’m working alongside the pioneers in the industry at Ananda Hemp to educate practitioners and patients alike on the incredible health benefits of CBD.

Brian Furnish | Director of Global Production

I’m an 8th generation Kentucky farmer who understands the challenges that farmers today face. Due to diminished commodity prices, the future for tobacco farmers was bleak. Thanks to Ananda Hemp, those tobacco farmers have a bright future with the return of the hemp industry to the State of Kentucky.

Ananda Hemp has a deep respect for the farming community. Integrated into every part of the cultivation process, our team stands in the field side by side with our farmers. Ananda’s future is in the present, because hemp will keep another eight generations of farmers working the land and producing more goods. Hemp production is an art-form, and together, we are mastering the art and bringing domestic production back to the USA.

Joshua Askin | National Sales Director

Askin’s partnership with Ananda Hemp was a natural progression after experiencing the positive effect of sustainable consumer products in his past ventures. Hemp oil’s properties which aid in living a blissful, sustainable life were a draw for Askin to be a part of the Ananda Hemp team. Josh is passionate about the the Hemp plant because it is the definition of a sustainable crop. It is one of the only plants in the world that is used for fiber, food and the extraction of its flower. Josh has found a great partnership with Ananda, a company that exhibits the utmost care for their product, customers, farmers and the land the product is grown on. He is delighted to join an energetic community of like minded sustainable leaders that share his passion for sustainability and the drive to help others.