Who is actually going to sell CBD Oil?

Many states have adopted laws that allow CBD Oil to be used for the sick and impaired. However, they provide zero infrastructure to get these products towards those that need it most. While this might be seen as counterproductive, it has opened new venues to provide product to more consumers. If you’re confused, that’s OK. We will use Tennessee’s state law as an example.

Some states make it harder

In the Volunteer State, Tennessee will allow CBD Oil that is less than 0.9% THC. The CBD oil has to be obtained legally within the United States, but outside of the state of Tennessee. What does that mean for the consumer? Well, it’s time to head out to the Internet and find out what you can buy.

Online is typically the best option

There are many, many, many options from which to purchase your CBD oil online. While many payment brokers have suspended accepting payments, most credit card companies are willing to process transactions. After you make your purchase and the product is delivered, you can self-dose in your home.

Will I Always Be Able to Buy CBD?

CBD Oil that is legal & compliant to federal and state law is permissible to use at your discretion. 


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