Eric Wang


Meet Eric Wang

I was inspired by very close family friends, Barry and Joy Lambert, to get involved in helping people improve their health and well-being. After a remarkably generous donation of $34M to establish the Lambert Initiative at Sydney University, I began to research and understand the true benefits of medicinal hemp and, more importantly, the gap in education and acceptance that exists in most parts of the world today. Having never been around cannabis growing up, it was a true eye opener, and I quickly learned that we have not even begun to understand the true power of industrial hemp.

Over the past several decades, major pharmaceutical companies and the system have lost sight of the patient. Profits and quarterly earnings have resulted in a proliferation of drugs and medications that alleviate one issue only to cause another.

Ananda is 100% legal under a very important piece of legislation, and we take painstaking efforts to ensure that we control 100% of the value chain. From the seed to the final product, we can guarantee our customers that we know exactly from what field every bottle comes from. Your safety and health mean everything to us, and our team takes this very seriously.

What Excites Me? 

What makes the future of CBD exciting to me is the unknown. Period. While we know that it works for so many different types of conditions, we also know so little about it on a relative basis. At Ananda Hemp, we create a full spectrum of cannabinoids beyond CBD, and the world has only scratched the surface on what this plant can do. This will not be an evolution but rather a revolution in how we take care of ourselves on a preventative basis as opposed to a reactive basis. This will change the economic structure of the health care system and help people live better lives.


What makes the future of Ananda Hemp exciting to me is what I do know. I love the fact that 100% of our product is grown on Kentucky farms and that we are creating a better life for our employees, farmers and patients. The hemp plant is one of Mother Nature’s most amazing natural healing resources, and I am thrilled to be part of re-introducing this to the world after spending so many years being suppressed. I also know countless stories of patients, friends and family who have used Ananda and experienced tremendous results. From stopping epileptic seizures, improving the quality of life for MS sufferers to helping children who suffer from Tourette’s go back to school, not a day goes by where I don’t have the privilege of speaking with someone whose life our company has touched. This is what makes me so personally proud of the work that we do.