Courier Journal Highlights Ananda Hemp, The Next Big Thing in Pain Management.

There’s no denying that Hemp is making a comeback, and Ananda Hemp has been a champion for this amazing plant and all that it has to offer, from the very beginning. Set to earn the reputation of pioneers in the revitalization of the hemp industry, Ananda Hemp has shown up in the media quite a bit. A recent article in the Courier Journal, discussing hemp and pain management, mentioned Ananda Hemp four times, and it’s no surprise. When the people investing in a company are also consumers of its products, and give personal testimony attesting to the benefits, that speaks highly of them both.

Ananda Hemp is one of the Commonwealth’s top hemp growers, with over 500 acres and plans to expand. Ananda Hemp was also among the first to legally plant hemp seeds in Kentucky soil. The company holds true to a strict and compliant operations platform, and their Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is among the best on the market with an abundant CBD profile. They’re proud to say their product is clean, natural, and it’s grown and processed in the United States. Ananda Hemp makes an ongoing effort to educate and clarify everything a consumer needs to know about CBD, Hemp and why they believe Full Spectrum products are the better option.

The Courier Journal’s exciting article points out that Ananda Hemp utilizes eighth-generation Kentucky farmers, like Brian Furnish. Mr. Furnish worked closely alongside Congress to help pass the 2014 Farm Bill that made it possible for hemp to be grown legally. He is also an executive for Ananda Hemp; as well as, a grower and advocate for the hemp plant. Not only that, he’s also a consumer. Mr. Furnish uses CBD Oil products to ease his neck and back pain, from years of farm work.

The article goes on to mention Barry Lambert, an investor in Ananda Hemp’s parent company, Ecofibre, Ltd. Mr. Lambert also has an incredible testimony to share about how CBD Hemp Oil products saved his granddaughters life from debilitating seizures. You can read his testimony and how CBD Oil took his granddaughter from 1,400 seizures a day to about 1 tonic-clonic seizure per year.

Even hockey players are taking note of hemp, and Ananda. Riley Cote, a former NHL player recently toured one of Ananda Hemp’s farms in Harrison County. Mr. Cote recommends hemp products to his former teammates saying that it eases his pain and inflammation; as well as, helps him relax and get better sleep. He feels so passionately about hemp that he’s become an advocate for its products and started the Hemp Heals Foundation.

Ananda Hemp is mentioned yet again in this article with local health food store owner Summer Auerbach discussing her uses of CBD salves. Also within the article are pictures showing Ananda Hemps Full Spectrum products on the shelves of her store, Rainbow Blossom.

People become the greatest advocates for products they believe in, and believing comes from education and experience. Ananda Hemp is popping up everywhere, and hemp is on the brink of successfully peeling away at the stigma that hangs over it. It’s a very misunderstood plant, with an abundance of benefits to offer. Everyone at Ananda Hemp knows it and everyone that knows about Ananda Hemp is talking.

This information is presented for educational purposes only. Ananda Hemp developed this information to provide an understanding of the potential applications of cannabinoids. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.