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Our Mantra : Harnessing the inherent power of Mother Nature

Shining The Spotlight On Hemp

Ananda Hemp is pioneering the hemp industry’s rejuvenation into market places.


Mahmoud A. Elsohly, Ph.D. and Charles Pollack, Jr., MS, MD comment on Ananda Hemp.

Learn about incredible research that is ongoing at regarding hemp, hemp oil and its benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

First legal 500-acre hemp farm in Kentucky unveiled.

Brian Furnish, director for global production at Ananda Hemp, started working on the legislation with Congressman James Comer in 2013. Together he and Eric Wang the CEO of Ananda Hemp have been working to educate people about the hemp business. 
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Legislation for a healthy nation

Interview of US Representative, James Comer, and Ananda Hemp President of Global Production, Brian Furnish, in October to discuss healthy gains made by the Hemp Industry since 2014. 
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