A concussion is a minor brain injury caused by a blow to the skull. When we think about concussions athletes usually come to mind. But many people sustain concussions in car accidents, falls, fights, and other mishaps. Patients that suffer from a concussion typically demonstrate some short-term effects (headache, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, dizziness, depression, etc). In some instances, more often with football or soccer players who are more likely to incur repeated concussions, patients might exhibit these symptoms long-term (sometimes for months). Studies show that use of CBD oil supplements may reduce inflammation in the brain, provide relief, and might even speed up the healing process.

Some benefits of CBD oil supplements:

(observed when used to treat concussion or brain injury patients)

  • Reduced brain inflammation
  • Improved memory
  • Improved cognitive performance

One study described cannabinoids as shock absorbers, blocking the damage incurred with a concussion. Preclinical research shows that cannabinoids (CBD) act as a neuroprotectant, and there is some evidence that daily use of CBD oil supplements might even prevent damage in the instance a concussion is sustained. Football, soccer players, or horseback riders might be at higher risk of experiencing a concussion and may benefit from daily use of CBD oil supplements such as Ananda Hemp’s Spectrum products.

*As always it is important to consult with your physician before making any changes to your current treatment plan.

Sources: http://herb.co/2016/10/31/cannabis-heal-concussion/

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