Only 6 US States currently prohibit CBD oil. Yet, the Department of Justice seemingly classified CBD as a Schedule 1 narcotic. This leads to a cloudy spot where the end user doesn’t always know how law enforcement and communities will respond to their desire to use their CBD Oil. A handy guide to keep on your smartphone/computer can be found by clicking here.

Doesn’t the 2014 Farm Bill ensure compliance?

But, wasn’t a federal bill passed a few years back? The answer is Yes. The Agricultural Act of 2014 aka The 2014 Farm Bill was enacted by Congress. This bill provides for a state department of agriculture to grow and cultivate hemp. States have taken a handful of approaches to this passing. The states have established commercial hemp programs,  they’ve established industrial hemp research and/or they have enacted studies of the industrial hemp industry. As long as your CBD Oil manufacturer follows these regulations, then the Oil is compliant.