In late July of 2017, Congress passed an amendment to help veterans gain easier access to medical cannabis. This amendment allowed the Department of Veterans Affairs to make supply infrastructure much more open to our veterans. But more importantly, it also opened up boundaries and education for millions of veterans suffering from symptoms related to PTSD.


Recent studies suggest that people who are most likely to suffer from PTSD have an unusually high amount of CB1 receptors in their Endocannabinoid System. While medical cannabis might be one method for helping treat this issue, it is not always easy for veterans to access for a few reasons. First, laws governing an individual’s ability to acquire and travel with medical cannabis can be somewhat challenging depending on geographic region. Second, there is still a large social stigma against the use of cannabis related products in the United States. Third, CBD is still largely associated with marijuana and there are veterans who refuse to look at CBD options because they do not wish to be “high”.

CBD oil from all-natural hemp affords the same physical and mental health advantages while avoiding the psychoactive effects. In order to understand how this process works, it is important to learn about two important concepts.

1. Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System is a unique communications system between the brain and body that affects many important functions needed for healthy living. It is responsible for keeping our most critical biological functions in balance including appetite, digestion, metabolism, stress response, sleep, mood, pain, immune response, neurological health and more.

The Endocannabinoid System is both preventative and protective as it balances and strengthens the nervous and immune systems to initiate pain reduction and decrease inflammation.

2. Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The Ananda Hemp full spectrum CBD oil contains compounds (cannabinoids) derived from the entire hemp plant. These cannabinoids work as a switch that turns on the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is like a component system because it has the main plug that needs to be activated by ingesting or topically applying the hemp/CBD and then the other components are connected via good nutrition, stress reduction, water intake, and exercise.

Full Spectrum Hemp oil differs from Marijuana due to the THC level. Hemp has less than .3% THC and Marijuana has .3% or higher THC content. Due to the low THC content, Hemp is non-psychoactive and therefore does not cause a “high.”

For many veterans, it makes a big difference in their lives to have a product that provides relief without the high. Ready to learn how Ananda Hemp could help you? Click here to find the right product to add to your daily regimen.