What are Cannabidiol Capsules?

There are several ways to reap the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Whether it is utilized by tincture, vapor, sublingually from bottled oil, in one of our yummy recipes, or ingested in an easy to swallow gel capsule, there’s probably a form that’s right for you. Cannabidiol capsules are, without a doubt, convenient. With cannabidiol capsules, there’s no mess. A major bonus of cannabidiol capsules vs. bottled hemp oil is that they are premeasured which gives you a more precise dosage to help maintain more predictable regular benefits (this is particularly important if your practitioner has recommended a specific dosage). Since they are tasteless and easy to take (if the taste of raw cannabidiol oil isn’t for you) cannabidiol capsules might be just the ticket. Tidy little cannabidiol capsules are great for on-the-go lifestyles, fitting into your pocket, purse, backpack or gym bag no muss no fuss. We do recommend taking them at the same time every day which helps establish a routine and takes the stress out of remembering to fit them into your busy schedule.

What is in a Cannabidiol Capsule?

Our formula is purely plant-based and comprised of premium hemp flower extract infused in organic hemp seed oil. We use the whole flower of the hemp plant to derive a multitude of cannabinoids for your health and wellness (thus you get a full spectrum). Each cannabidiol capsule bears the same high quality, non-psychoactive, full spectrum blend containing CBD, CBN, CBL, CBDA, CBG, CBC, THCV and CBDV with less than 0.3% THC, not psychoactive like THC. Our cannabidiol capsules are non-psychoactive which means no confusion and no high, so you can enjoy the benefits with fewer side effects.

Are Cannabidiol Capsules legal in my state?

Ananda Hemp was the 1st company licensed to grow hemp in the United States under the 2014 farm bill (Section 7606). 100% of our hemp is grown and processed in Kentucky by 8th generation farmers and we do not use imported oils in our cannabidiol capsules. We produce the finest hemp-based products on the market, are fully compliant, and adhere to strict guidelines. So yes, we can legally ship and sell cannabidiol capsules in all fifty states.

What Cannabidiol Capsule products does Ananda Hemp offer?

Ananda Hemp offers two cannabidiol capsule products, Spectrum Gels 450 (450mg active cannabinoids in every bottle) and Spectrum Gels 900 (900mg active cannabinoids in every bottle). Both Spectrum Gel products contain 15mg cannabinoids per cannabidiol capsule. There are 30 cannabidiol capsules in the Spectrum Gels 450 bottle, and 60 cannabidiol capsules in the Spectrum Gels 900.

What is the recommended dosage for Cannabidiol Capsules?

Every person’s genetic makeup is different. Because of our unique chemistry, metabolic responses may vary. To help ensure the best results for you, we utilize the highest level of quality control standards to maintain a consistent level of cannabinoids in our products. Each individual utilizes our products for different reasons, so we suggest that you begin with the general daily dose and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired results then maintain that dosage. If you do not achieve additional benefits reduce dosage to the original amount. Try to take your cannabidiol capsules at the same time every day. This will help you notice effects as well as establish a routine so you don’t forget. We recommend keeping a journal so you can take note of improvements as you experience them. Take your cannabidiol capsules with water, but don’t worry about a giant horse-pill because the gel capsule makes them easier to swallow. If you are sensitive to over-the-counter medication such as aspirin, you may want to go slower about increasing your cannabidiol capsule dosage. As always, if you are under the guidance of a practitioner, follow their dosage recommendations.

What are Cannabidiol Capsules for?

Cannabidiol capsules are a safe, legal, all-natural supplement that may benefit your health in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:
• reducing stress
• promoting better sleep
• reducing anxiety
• reducing painful symptoms
• promoting relaxation
• and more!

Whichever Ananda Hemp cannabidiol product you choose, whether it be in the form of our cannabidiol capsule Spectrum Gels, or our bottled hemp oil Full Spectrum Extract, it’s a great benefit toward a calmer, more blissful life.

This information is presented for educational purposes only. Ananda Hemp developed this information to provide an understanding of the potential applications of cannabinoids. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.