Brian Furnish


Meet Brian Furnish

I’m an 8th generation Kentucky farmer who understands the challenges that farmers today face. Due to diminished commodity prices, the future for tobacco farmers was bleak. Thanks to Ananda Hemp, those tobacco farmers have a bright future with the return of the hemp industry to the State of Kentucky.

Ananda Hemp has a deep respect for the farming community. Integrated into every part of the cultivation process, our team stands in the field side by side with our farmers. Ananda’s future is in the present, because hemp will keep another eight generations of farmers working the land and producing more goods. Hemp production is an art-form, and together, we are mastering the art and bringing domestic production back to the USA.

The Future of CBD

In 2013, Ag Commissioner James Comer asked for help getting industrial hemp legalized in the State of Kentucky. International interests were looking at Kentucky as a place to restart industrial hemp farming. Over the next year, I worked with Comer and others until I joined Ananda Hemp in 2014.

The future of CBD is in rare cannabinoids, but the search for rare cannabinoids is only the beginning. New methods are being discovered in how to use CBD oil on animals and other applications. We are on the ground floor of an emerging industry.