Why is Hemp Legal? Well, it’s because the official prohibition of hemp ended with the passes of Section 7606 of the 2014 Agricultural Act (Farm Bill). This action enabled hemp to be regarded as an agricultural commodity, not a controlled substance. While it can be challenged to various degrees, the average American consumer is available to purchase hemp and hemp derived products as long as it remains in compliance with the 2014 Farm Bill. Why did this just happen 3 years ago?

Why is the 2014 Farm Bill important?

The importance of the 2014 Farm Bill was that it combined all of the state and federal-led efforts to bring industrial hemp production to America. While hemp got caught in the 1930s blanket ban on Marijuana, many farmers fought to return the cash crop to legal status. The 2014 Farm Bill was a common sense political move to restore a helpful plant back to the American public.

Legally speaking…what changed?

Section 7606* of the 2014 Farm Bill is the key to understanding the legality of the matter. This section of the Bill defines hemp as being distinct from marijuana. It also authorized state universities and agricultural departments to begin cultivating and studying the product. When hemp is processed in this manner, it becomes a legal good that can benefit the wellness of many citizens.

*Section 7606 

Permitted Universities and State Departments of Agriculture to begin planting hemp for the purposes of Research & Development, including market research. In the state of Kentucky, hemp was also legalized for commercial production and individual farmers were permitted to cultivate the crop in conjunction with the state department of agriculture. 7606 is extremely important because it is the ONLY federal law that enables compliantly produced hemp to non-withstand the definition of the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). Therefore, 7606 compliant hemp is an agricultural commodity, not a scheduled drug.

Why is Hemp so misunderstood?

Hemp is misunderstood by the masses because US Prohibition was incredibly successful. What the Farm Bill allows companies like Ananda Hemp to do is beat back outdated myths about hemp. While these changes won’t happen overnight, every Ananda Hemp user is doing their part to make a stand. Hemp is legal, hemp is wonderful and it can produce a well-balanced life.